1 of the Shitty Poopies with a Bolhat

Collect Rare Digital Crap

Poopies are 10.000 of the most shitty automatically generated NFT's

10.000 unique bouncing NFT`s

Poopies are 10.000 of the most shitty automatically generated NFT’s. The Poopies exist of hundreds of shapes and colors, each differing in rarity and uniqueness. When you own your shit you don't just own a piece of crap, you own a unique piece of art.


Poopies come in different colors and can mean different things, mostly depending on that you've eaten.


If you are lucky enough to discover a Holy sh!t with sparkling glitter, you are in possession of a uniquw and extremely rare Poopie.


The odor of shit can be caused by the foods you eat. Every Poopie has it's own unique scent.


Some drops just feel different from the other. A `one wiper` is always golden!

A Cute Poopie Bonding Curve

Poopies to the moon!
#0 - #49: Reserved for Giveaways #50 - #499: 0.01 BNB #500 - #999: 0.02 BNB #1000 - #1999: 0.04 BNB #2000 - #3499: 0.08 BNB #3500 - #7499: 0.16 BNB #7500 - #9499: 0.32 BNB #9500 - #9899: 0.64 BNB #9900 - #9999: 1.00 BNB

Poo team

We are two friends who see a bright future for crypto and NFT's. We crypto, code and pixel art
Hero Pooper


Founder of fast-growing shits. Active as a developer and investor in the crypto space for over 5 years
Hero Pooper

The Dropper

A full-stack shit engineer with extensive experience as an entrepreneur. Especially passionate about real shit.

We donate 10% of the initial sale to charity

By owning your shit we support non-protits initiatives with guts

What they say

"Anything but crappy"
"Its just crap"
"At first I had doudts, but everything came out okay"
Y Momma
"Absolutely magnicifient.... and I'm a very discerning pooper"
Scumbag Steve
Reveal is soon

Reveal on July 24

June 1 we started with our pre-release. So you can still be one of the first to participate. Get up to 20 NFT's at once!